Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Smooth Newt (Teichmolch)

The Smooth Newt (Teichmolch) can be found in almost any small backyard pond or along the shallow water shores of lakes throughout Europe. I found this dandy of a specimen in the small pond in my wife's parents' backyard in Nordheim-Westfalen, Germany. I first noticed him while he was enticing one of the many female newts in the pond by floating in front of her and vibrating his neon-blue and -orange tail. After about two minutes, she had enough and darted away. At this point I caught him with a net and placed him in a glass container for a few portrait shots. I grabbed one of the females and stuck her in the jar too.

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1 comment:

Kelly said...

...we don't have these little fellows here. He's very exotic looking. I would love to be able to search him out in a pond!!