Sunday, April 17, 2011

Install EGit for Eclipse

I recently decided to try out EGit, a GIT client plugin-for Eclipse. Following are the steps I took to get it running in Eclipse-Helios.

Step 1: In Eclipse go to Help --> Eclipse Marketplace

Step 2: In the wizard that pops up, highlight "Eclipse Marketplace" and click Next.

Step 3: Search for "git". On the top of the list, EGit showed up for me.

Step 4: Click Install and wait while it calculates requirements and dependencies. Click "Next".

Step 5: Accept the terms and conditions and click "Finish". Choose to restart Eclipse after the install finishes.

Step 6: Window --> Show View --> Other...

Step 7: Find and choose the Git View under Git > Git Repositories.

Now you should have your Git view and you can start using Git from within Eclipse!

Piece of Cake!!!


Alex Nugent said...

hell yeah man. Thanks for the tutorial.

Tom P said...

Hi there - thanks for your post. I don't suppose you know how to get the plugin to show in-line file changes on files you are currently editing? So un-committed changes are shown against the line numbers? (this happened in netbeans) - many thanks.

Tim Molter said...

Tom P, nope sorry. :|

aviator said...

Do you have any info on how to use egit with eclipse ? When I create a branch from Team->Switch To, it shows branch by that name in team options but not in navigation explorer, hence I cannot open or add files. Do you think there may be something wrong with my installation of egit.

Tim Molter said...

aviator, in the Git Repositories View, find/create different branches and switch between them there by right clicking and choosing "Checkout...". I don't see Team-->Switch To anywhere.