Monday, April 23, 2012

Uninstall Stubborn Java JRE or JDK from Windows

Having trouble uninstalling or fixing Java from a Windows 7 machine like I did? I somehow managed to mess up my Java installation and was receiving an error 1723 along the way while trying to uninstall the 64-bit version of Java 6 (in my case version 6.0.31). It was complaining about not being able to find a certain file which it apparently needed for the uninstall. What I did was the following:

Step 1: Locate the following folder:


and make a copy of it in


If it isn't there, you need to downlaod and install Java jdk1.7.0_x64.

Step 2: Rename the copied folder to


Step 3: Rename




Following those steps combined with some restarting of Windows allowed me to Uninstall my corrupt Java 6 version. Make sure you replace <User> above with your Windows user name.  I hope that helps someone!

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