Thursday, January 17, 2013

XChange Release 1.3.0

Our Financial Exchange Library for Java, XChange, has seen a lot of active development since the previous release in October 2012. We went from 2 to 7 exchange implementations thanks mostly to the growing community starting to support the project more.

Here's a list of the supported exchanges. More detailed info can be found here, which includes planned future exchange implementations.
  • MtGox - polling and streaming market data, authenticated trading
  • Bitstamp - polling market data, authenticated trading
  • BTC-E - polling market data, authenticated trading
  • VirtEx - polling market data
  • CampBX - polling market data
  • BitcoinCharts - polling market data (Bitcoin Exchange Rates)
  • OpenExchangeRates - polling market data (Fiat Currency Exchange Rates)

Internally, we introduced a new and improved REST interface that sits between our xchange classes and the HttpTemplate class responsible for fetching JSON. It also gives XChange clients access to the raw unmarshalled JSON data if they want it, which was something XChange needed for a long time.

All exchange implementations have full-coverage unit tests.

We've been able to reduce the number of dependencies a lot. One of the main focuses of XChange is to be very lightweight. Most notably is the outdated org.json jar. We dug into the code, and painstakingly swapped out the old code with our already-used Jackson JSON code. This is good news for apps like Bitcoinium and Multibit, which both use XChange, for keeping their executable footprint small.

Another major accomplishment with this release, is that the artifacts are now hosted on Maven Central: XChange artifacts on Maven Central

We're thinking about adding an arbitrage API within XChange next as the MtGox, BTC-E, and Bitstamp implementations all contain trading functionality.

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