Wednesday, October 15, 2008

10 Rad Baseball Cards

It's been years since baseball offered any good entertainment value to me besides some pictures of bats flying into the stands or the Sick Whiffle Ball Pitcher on YouTube. Aren't the Brewers in the World Series or something this year? Whatever.

Anyway, as experienced by most late-twenties males, I was recently faced with the task of trying to figure out what to do with the massive collection of useless baseball cards I spent all my boyhood allowance on to acquire. I seriously had about 60 pounds of cards sorted and grouped in a very large box. My first thought to get rid of them was to put an ad on Craigslist. Maybe all that investing in cards I did back in the day would pay off! Well it seemed like everyone in Seattle was selling their early 90s baseball card collection too and for only $10. I went through the entire collection and picked out the best cards I had - players like Nolan Ryan, Ken Griffey Jr., Sammy Sosa, etc. - and filled up one binder, which was the limit I decided on. I saved a few for my bike spokes, and burnt the rest. If I spent all that cash on them, I was at least going to have a memorable farewell.

Things do change though when you grow up. As I was collecting the cards, all I cared about was getting the "good" cards for bragging rights with my friends. Now, as I sorted through the 60 pound box of cards in order to rid myself of the extra poundage, I was most entertained by the "worthless" cards that featured a chap with a dazzling expression or a humorous name. Willie McGee, Ross Grimsley, Steve Trout, thanks for making baseball entertaining...

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