Monday, October 27, 2008

Examples of Animal Brilliance and Human Stupidity

Sometimes I need a break from what I'm doing and find myself watching videos on YouTube. Two common themes that keep popping up in my video viewage are animal brilliance and human stupidity. When considering these two themes together, one might realize that these animal behaviors aren't in fact extraordinarily intelligent, but that animals are actually smarter than some humans in some cases and vise versa. Perhaps we don't give them the credit they deserve, and humans set the bar too low for animals and too high for themselves.

This elephant displays patience and foresight and can paint WAY better than I ever could.

A guy on his knees barking while wearing a bark collar.

A dog pulls off a Houdini-style escape from its cage while his friends watch.

A woman sees a rainbow in her sprinkler and - well - says dumb things about it.

A dolphin creates and plays with bubble rings.

A guy pees on an electric fence to see what happens.

Ruby the talking parrot.

Japanese Gameshow - slapped in the balls.

Christin the lion.

Korean baseball fight.

A chimapanze learn to ride a segway.

A list as such wouldn't be complete without the beloved President George W. Bush.

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